Pay only what you use

The life of a business is not without turmoil. Spikes in activity such as sudden slowdowns can occur. This is why we have decided to base our prices on your use and not on a fixed and partitioned subscription. The ordering of cards is unlimited, as is the loading of your E-Pay Space account. You can delete cards and unload them at no cost. You only pay for what you use!

EPS Business

Cards dedicated to Business expenses and professionnal purchases

  • Number of plastic cards: unlimited
  • Number of virtual cards: unlimited
  • New plastic card*: 10€
  • New virtual card*: 3€
  • Loading of EPS account: 1%
  • Number of loadings of the EPS account: unlimited
  • Loadings amount of the EPS account: unlimited
  • Card loading**: free
  • Card unloading: free
  • Physical point of sale purchase: free
  • Online purchase: free
  • ATM withdrawal in EURO zone 2€
  • ATM withdrawal out of EURO zone 3€
  • Monthly fee per active card: 3€
  • *The cards have a validity period of 3 years by default.
    Amount paid once when the new card is issued.
  • **The loading and use of cards is legally regulated in Europe.
    Please refer to the allowed configurations table below.

Bespoke programme

For any personalized development, a development envelope will be estimated. Please contact an advisor.

  • Distribution of payment services to customers
  • Consumer prepaid cards
  • Corporate prepaid cards
  • White label
  • Website development, mobile application

Authorized configurations: Business prepaid cards

*Low profile by default. The activation of higher profiles is subject to validation depending on the project.