Specialised payment programmes for the public sector

Financial innovation at the service of public administrations, local authorities and citizens

Physical or virtual prepaid cards

Fintech for the public sector

Digitising the public sector involves a profound transformation of processes, services and tools. Whether it’s a project for a connected city, cards to pay out government benefits or payment solutions to simplify the daily lives of citizens or civil servants, your projects are brought to fruition in record time.

Payment programmes for the public sector

Card creation and maintenance

Simplify payment of social security benefits with reloadable payment media (physical and virtual reloadable cards, electronic wallets).

Consumer Payment Programme

Energise public life and raise the profile of an area with connected technologies. Reinvent the local economy with daring pilot projects integrating financial technologies

An in-depth analysis of your needs and issues

Track public spending with customised reports. Optimise the use of funds and anticipate costs with customised management platforms

Verification of bank details

Track each transfer with, for example, the national identification number. Control international remittances

PCI DSS standard

Our certified solutions protect you against fraud, malicious attacks and identity theft, while complying with current legislation. Your data is hosted in France on our proprietary Tier 4 secure data centres.

Cost control

Save on large-scale project implementation thanks to our economies of scale and short lead times. Invest in a reliable partner with expertise in financial technologies

Creation of white-label payment methods

Your transactions (payments, refunds) adapt to users’ consumption habits and integrate mobile technologies


Benefit from web interfaces specially developed for you (websites, mobile applications), or integrate everything via API into your existing environment.

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