Specialised payment programmes for banking and insurance

A solution tailored to the financial sector

Physical or virtual prepaid cards

Payment solutions designed for you and your customers

E-Pay Space offers flexible, secure and agile solutions for rapidly launching new payment services, streamlining processes and capturing new markets. You gain in efficiency with real-time services while avoiding the usually long process necessary to implement such a solution.

Your financial solutions developed just for you

Card creation and maintenance

Physical and virtual rechargeable prepaid cards, e-wallets and mobile payments

A solution that adapts to your image

Your logo, your brand, your colors on all your payment methods

A solution tailored to your needs

Customised settings on request to suit your needs

APIs to connect your solution to ours

Dedicated open API package for seamless integration with your websites and mobile applications

PCI DSS standard

PCI-DSS-compliant platform

Verification of bank details

KYC and KYB processes adapted to your customer typology

Would you like to find out more about our solutions?

Custom-built or ready-to-use, we’ve got the solution you need!

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