Specialised payment programmes for associations

Simplified administrative and financial management

EPS Factory solution

Fintech and Nonprofits

Today, the main issues faced by non-profit are financial management, transparency in the use of donations, cash management and in some cases financial support for those receiving assistance. Being accompanied by a fintech partner who provides suitable payment tools can be the solution.

Your financial solutions developed just for you


Unlimited card issuance: order as many cards as you like without going through a bank

Block and unblock your cards in real time

Zero overdraft: use reloadable cards with no overdraft, you decide how much you want to load.


Continuous control: trace all field expenses in real time

Manage your payment methods in real time

Centralised administration: load/unload your cards as and when you need them, in real time. Block/unblock cards remotely. Track transfers between your accounts from your interface

An in-depth analysis of your needs and issues

Exportable reports: export account and expense reports in pdf, xls and csv formats

Easy-to-use web and mobile interface

Ready-to-use interface: no need to develop your own interface, EPS is an all-in-one solution.


Management by entity: divide your administration into sub-entity (e.g. Business Units, regions) with the option of delegating financial management to your teams.

PCI DSS standard

Secure and certified solutions: your data hosted in France on a proprietary infrastructure (maximum security data centre, tier 4 level), PCI-DSS and GDPR compliant

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