Specialised payment programmes for consulting firms

Fintech at the service of consultants

Physical or virtual prepaid cards

Fintech and consulting

As a consulting firm, you bring your expertise to bear on your customers’ innovation strategy. Whether it’s a plan for digital transformation, change management, digitisation of activities, auditing or cost and expense optimisation, your actions will make your customers’ vision a reality. With the help of a Fintech partner, implement market best practices for your customers by offering disruptive payment services.

Rethink your customers’ tools

An interface tailored to your needs

Digitisation of payment media (virtual cards, e-wallets, etc.)

Pay your business expenses with prepaid cards

Optimise business costs and expenses (pay-as-you-go)

PCI DSS standard

Compliance of customers’ and partners’ KYC/KYB processes

Easy-to-use web and mobile interface

Provision of web-based payment management tools

EPS infrastructures are based in France

Repatriation of sensitive data to data centers in France

A solution tailored to your needs

Custom development for every customer need

APIs to connect your solution to ours

Full integration with customer environment (API)

A solution that adapts to your image

Customised programmes in your customers’ colours

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