Media agencies

Physical and virtual cards for media purchases

EPS Factory solution

Simplified media purchasing

Simplify your online business purchases with a ready-to-use payment solution:

Virtual cards at will, without going through a bank

Your secure, worry-free online media purchases

A centralised transaction management interface

Advertising costs and expenses

Card creation and maintenance
Virtual cards
Issue Mastercard® cards instantly and at will
Mastercard® global network
Your professional purchases worldwide
European program
Available in EUR €, USD $ or GBP £, for companies domiciled in Europe
PCI DSS standard
Secure online payments
Pay for your online campaigns with reloadable or single-use virtual cards
Manage your payment methods in real time
Centralised administration console
Order, load and unload cards in real time
Pay your business expenses with prepaid cards
Budget control
Export transaction and transfer reports for detailed reconciliation
Administration by sub-group
Divide your budgets by customer, project, campaign or team and manage your cards easily
Easy-to-use web and mobile interface
Management tools
A personal web interface on computer, tablet or mobile for each employee (balance, transactions, cards)

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