E-Wallet: definition, benefits and solutions

Explore the definition and universe of the e-wallet

Financial flows become simple and instantaneous. Whether you’re planning a fintech project, launching a neobank or securely holding and distributing funds for your customers, e-wallets are the solution.

What is an E-wallet: definition

An e-wallet is an electronic wallet. Also known as a virtual wallet, this is a virtual storage device which, like a bank account but without being one, enables you to manage money flows (incoming and outgoing money: payments, transfers, reimbursements…). Secure and uncapped, it has the advantage of adapting to any connected medium and enabling instant currency exchanges. Your digital money follows you everywhere.

Advantages of an E-Pay Space e-wallet

Unlimited ring-fencing: With unlimited caps, ring-fence funds with no time or volume limits. You can manage as many e-wallets as you like.
Immediate availability: Backed by prepaid cards (or any other prepaid medium), your e-wallets can transfer the funds you need in real time.
Virtual IBAN: Each e-wallet can benefit from a European VIBAN to facilitate transfers and simplify reconciliation.
Customisable settings: Create automated reload and transfer rules for hierarchical fund management with complete freedom.
● E-wallet to e-wallet transfers: Allow your customers to transfer their money to other virtual wallets that are members of the same programme.

E-wallets and E-Pay Space customised payment solutions

All payment programmes are based on transactions and cash flows. To make these transfers and electronic exchanges even more fluid, we can develop your own fleet of e-wallets, backed up by your payment solution. Each e-wallet holder will be assigned a “virtual IBAN”, in other words, a personalised bank account number. They will be able to make incoming transfers or outgoing transfers anywhere, anytime. They will also be able to issue connected payment media such as prepaid cards, enabling them to access their funds in real time.


E-wallets and prepaid cards

Your virtual wallets will be able to feed connected payment mediums, notably reloadable payment cards. Every e-wallet holder will be able to top up their cards independently in real time, and use their funds instantly in-store, withdraw cash from an ATM or make an online purchase.

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