Open Banking is a system that allows customers to authorize third-party providers to access their banking data, such as account statements, transactions, balances, and personal information. These third-party providers can be financial technology (fintech) companies, account aggregators, brokers, or competing banks. The goal is to allow customers to consolidate all their financial information in one place, compare offers, and benefit from new services.

Benefits of Open Banking:


The ability to consolidate all your financial information in one place for better visibility and easier management of your finances.

Access to new services

Access to innovative new financial services, such as budgeting apps, personalized offers, and advisory services.

Compare services

The ability to compare offers from different financial providers to find the products and services that best suit your needs.

Secured and reliable

We assure you a secure, all our partners are regulated and trustworthy third-party providers that have implemented appropriate security measures to protect your data.

Privacy and monitoring

We ensure that third-party providers do not retain your financial information longer than necessary. Our systems regularly monitor your account statements for any suspicious activity.

Our experts support you

As part of the creation of your tailor-made program, the question of Open Banking is fundamental. Our teams are there to support you and check that all mandatory measures are respected and comply with the law.

E-Pay Space has partnered with Tribe Payments as its technical service provider to enable its customers to securely share access to their accounts with their chosen Third Party Providers.