Media Buy

Physical and virtual cards for media purchases

Simplified Media Buy

Simplify your online business purchases with a turnkey payment solution.

  • - Unlimited virtual cards without going through a bank
  • - Secure online media purchases with complete peace of mind
  • - A centralized transaction management interface
  • Advertising costs and expenses

    For professional expenses and purchases such as online media purchases, the "prepaid virtual cards" option is the optimal solution. The banking burden is reduced, issuance and loading / unloading times are non-existent, management is free and simplified.


    Virtual Cards: instantly issue Mastercard® cards at will, with no volume limit.


    Mastercard® worldwide network: your business purchases all over the world.


    European Programme: available in EUR €, USD $ or GBP £, for companies domiciled in Europe.


    Secure online payments: pay for your online campaigns with rechargeable or single-use virtual cards.


    Centralized administration console: order, load, unload cards in real time.


    Budget Control: export transaction and transfer reports for detailed reconciliation.


    Administration by sub-group: divide your budgets by client, by project, by campaign or even by team and manage your cards easily.


    Management tools: a personal web interface on computer, tablet or mobile for each employee (balance, transactions, cards)

    Prepaid cards for business expenses

    EPS Business cards also work for daily expenses. Use physical or virtual reloadable cards for all your business expenses, whether it's travel expenses, meals, supplier payments or purchases on behalf of customers.