Consulting firms

FinTech at the service of consultants

Fintech and consulting

As a consulting firm, you bring your expertise to meet your clients' innovation strategies. Whether through digital transformation plans, change management, activity digitization, audit, cost and expense optimization, you work to materialise your clients' visions. Through partnership with a Fintech, implement best market practices by offering your customers groundbreaking payment services.

Rethink your customers' tools

Optimize your customers' payment processes by implementing profitable and innovative financial tools

Digitzation of payments
media (virtual cards, e-wallets, etc.)

Optimization of costs and professional
expenses (billing per use)

Compliance of the
KYC / KYB processes of customers and partners

Provision of web
payment management tools

Repatriation of sensitive data
to datacenters in France

Personalized developments
for each customer issue

Full integration with
customer's environment (API)

Customised programmes
in your clients image

Reloadable cards for business expenses

Support your consultants during their business trips by providing them with rechargeable prepaid cards. In addition to facilitating expense management, your employees become ambassadors for the payment digitization in the professional world.