E-Pay Space, new gen Fintech based in Paris

Founded in 2016, E-Pay Space was born from the meeting of two pioneers of the FinTech universe who, after several years developing payment solutions in France and abroad, decided to combine their experiences to realize their dream: to become the only cutting-edge structure capable of aggregating tailor-made payment and financial management solutions connected to an adaptive and proprietary network. E-Pay Space then becomes THE French FinTech which revolutionizes your concept of payment. Today we occupy a unique place in the industry of virtualized payment solutions. Based in Paris, we are at the hub of a new growing market.

Our manifesto

In the era of the digitalization of all organizational, functional, technical and even experiential layers, we deeply believe in the power of resilience and innovation to participate together in this digital transformation. Our vision is to offer our clients the freedom to be able to confidently entrust the realization of their projects and to make them a success that meets their ambitions. The world of payments is undergoing a revolution and we are committed to transcending each request by constantly questioning ourselves on the fields of possibilities. We are convinced that the synergy of a diverse and cohesive team will be the very essence of optimal execution. We will work together, hand in hand with our customers and partners to imagine and create the payment solutions of the future.

Innovation - Synergy - Solidarity - Openness - Technology - Flexibility - Listening

The Group

E-Pay Space is the FinTech of the Mextor Group (MGNY). For more than twenty years, the Mextor Group has been bringing together expertise in the fields of engineering, IT security (data encryption, cyber security), communication (marketing and event agency), telecoms (operator, fixed telephony and mobile (MVNO)), innovation (R&D development and production), cloud (integrator of Cloud solutions, fiber-based internet access provider, networks, storage, virtual machines, backup ...) and has its own datacenters and computer systems.
The resulting powerful synergies promote the emergence of innovative projects thanks to an ultra-collaborative internal and external network. Our large ecosystem of partners and customers, among the most successful in the new technologies sector, extends all over the world.