E-Pay Space, new generation of Fintech based in Paris

Founded in 2016, E-Pay Space was born from the meeting of Sylvain Portier and Charles Orsel des Sagets, two Fintech pioneers who, after several years of payment solutions developpement in France and abroad, have decided to combine their experiences to fulfil their dream: creat the only state-of-the-art organisation capable of aggregating payment and financial management solutions connected to an adaptive and proprietary network. E-Pay Space becomes the French Fintech that revolutionises your idea of payments. Today, it occupies a unique position in the virtualized payment solutions industry. Based in Paris, our company is on the hub of a new growing market.

E-Pay-Space - Fintech française

Our mission is to allow companies deprived of sufficient internal resources to launch financial solutions, freeing themselves from banking constraints with the assurance that they entrust the management of their payment programmes to experienced partners.

our values

Innovation - Resilience - Open mindset - Listening- Respect

E-Pay Space Team

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