As promised, at E-Pay Space we are committed to empower you with key terms in the FinTech industry. Our last blog tackled the definition of FinTech and why it is crucial to advance in this complex market. If you missed it, you can always check it out here.

Thanks to FinTech, we are able to:

  • better manage financial operations,
  • ensure speed, efficiency and transparency
  • improve customer’s experience (the keystone of any company’s success)

However, to achieve all of the above, you need a Programme Manager.

What is a Programme Manager?

As its name says, a Programme Manager manages the programme. He manages the relationships between banks, networks and processors for their clients. In our upcoming blogs, we will present to you each of these actors in detail. Consider a Programme Manager as the conductor of an orchestra, with the customer bringing the musical instruments and choosing the set list. The major goal of programme managers is to keep the project's pace going forward on schedule while preserving the orchestra's various performers' harmony.

Why do you need a Programme Manager?

  • To create and deliver a tailored, turnkey payment solution end-to-end
  • To build an integrated & personalised technology solution
  • To handle all settlement, reconciliation, dispute handling, and fraud protection


For instance, Peter is an entrepreneur who created his startup for grocery delivery service in Paris. Peter has a lot to handle: paying for drivers, paying fees for supermarkets and receiving payments from customers… (here comes EPS Business!) To ensure a smooth experience, Peter decided to go to EPS Business. Peter chose the virtual payment cards to pay for all his suppliers. He even created, thanks to the programme manager E-Pay Space!), a payment program to build up customer loyalty. With a programme manager, Peter saved time, energy and was able to duly focus on his business and even double his sales!

What is the added value of a Programme Manager?

  • A Programme Manager sources and engages different suppliers
  • They already have established relationships with a variety of partners in the payments value chain (from card issuer, payment network, card manufacturer to banks for settlement)
  • They are specialized in payments APIs (Application Programming Interface), should you wish to build your own mobile application or card management portal to support your program, or use a white label technology solution already built for your program.

Do you have a payment plan? A card program to launch? A financial idea but you don’t really know where to start? Or simply looking for prepaid business cards for your employees? At E-Pay Space we help make your project a reality.

We meticulously take care of daily tasks so you can focus your attention on closing deals and driving business revenue. Rest still and remain assured that we can orchestrate everything for you, from finding the right BIN Sponsor, setting up card networks, ensuring all details are compliant and much more. It is worth mentioning that with E-Pay Space you get access to an in-house legal protection, a personalised solution coupled with a thorough follow up and consulting service, all at competitive prices.

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