What is a KYC - KYB?

As a financial service provider, one of the mandatory compliance requirements that you have to fulfill is to go through the KYC and KYB process to enroll your clients. Know your Customer / Know your Business are anti-corruption standards that check the compliance of your customers (individuals and companies) to prevent identity theft, money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing. The objective is to make financial transactions as secure as possible.

KYC - KYB process


Easily enroll your users online with turnkey websites and mobile applications that adapt perfectly to your environment.

Simplified collection

Collect the declarative information of your users as well as their obligatory supporting documents in a fluid way without impacting their experience of your services (identity cards, passport, proof of address).

Fast validation

Through our ecosystem of certified third-party partners and verifiers, we can verify, authenticate and validate your customers' KYCs and KYBs for you. You receive an "OK" or "KO" response within minutes or even seconds.

Secured and reliable

As a PCI DSS compliant merchant we are able to securely process, store, or transmit card data on our website. Your data is stored in our proprietary maximum security data centers (tier 4) in France.

Ongoing monitoring

Validating once is one thing, but regularly checking the compliance of your customers is also part of our obligations. You are compliant with anti AML and PEP laws thanks to our continuous verification system.

Our experts support you

As part of the creation of your tailor-made program, the question of KYC and KYB controls is fundamental. Our teams are there to support you and check that all mandatory measures are respected and comply with the law.