Modular financial system

EPS +++: Technological, operational and legal support. A "Bank As a Service" to support you in carrying out your large-scale projects.

A technological and financial support in your digital transformation

Modular system & Core-Banking

Enjoy architectural flexibility with stand-alone components to build and develop a custom software system.

Universal solutions

Agnostic, dynamic and intelligent solutions that interconnect with all client protocols and systems for seamless integration into your banking environment and those of your partners.

Payments & Processing

A rich and complete range of disruptive functionalities for institutions in search of financial innovation with a wide range of banking services, digital payment services and “à la carte” components.

Compliance & Analytics

Full regulatory compliance, data protection, provision of analytical tools for auditing and controls.


Interoperability of high value-added services between the expertise of the MGNY group and our ecosystem of partners to easily connect you with the most influential players on the market.

Agile “client & business-centric” financial innovation

Whether to create or modernize a bank, a fintech, a marketplace, an EME or to launch new payment solutions in a short time, E-Pay Space is an all-in-one facilitator! We offer interconnected financial services that meet the needs of each party:
> Launch a powerful, innovative, reliable and 100% compliant solution to revolutionize the banking world.
> Engage digital transformation with next-generation systems and modules.
> Reinvent the existing with resilience.

core banking. Fundamental banking software components and functions

Our proprietary financial technology and our ecosystem of certified partners facilitates your management of standard banking functions:
> Management of accounts, sub-accounts (deposit, savings)
> Management of banking operations
> Reconciliation
> Settlement
> Account management (General Ledger)
> Management fees
> Samples
> SEPA Transfer

Financial Analytics and Compliance Tools

We are your technicians in charge of regulatory verification, the production of detailed reports, collection, calculations and analyzes with regard to regulatory requirements and the processes provided and controlled by your control offices. We provide adapted, personalized and automated reports according to each requirement and according to each organization, according to the desired formats.
> Transaction reports, miscellaneous operations, reconciliation
> Actuarial, solvency reports, accounting reports
> Account reports, regulatory statements
> Complementary data analysis, filtering and profiling

Payment & Processing

Take advantage of high-performance payment services and processing tools with a high level of customization and control.
> POS, ATM, e-commerce payments
> E-wallets and prepaid cards
> Custom settings and rule automation
> Soon : Tokenization of payments, mobile payments
> Card statuses, balances, checks