Interview with Charles Orsel des Sagets, CEO of E-Pay Space

Nothing better than putting a face to names. Charles Orsel des Sagets, Managing Director of E-Pay Space has entered our question box. Accustomed to the FinTech sector, he is also an expert in security and telecommunications. He created E-Pay Space with other Jedi masters of finance in 2016 to meet a real customer need: that of having tailor-made payment solutions!

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Hello Charles, can you introduce yourself:

Hello, I'm Charles Orsel des Sagets, Managing Director of E-Pay Space. Before joining the payments universe in 2009, I managed the 2nd American telephone operator in Europe: Sprint, for 6 years. I then had the opportunity to launch E-Pay Space to meet a real need in the world of businesses and individuals.

E-Pay Space, what is it for?

_EPS is a « Programme Manager ». What does it mean? This means that we are launching comprehensive, end-to-end payment programs, using cutting-edge technology. It is a platform that allows the issuance and management of payment solutions. For example, bank cards, virtual wallets or mobile payment. For a bank card, we will manage the issuance, creation, processor and payment network. We are therefore a “FinTech”: because we are a financial technology._

So concretely, what are you selling?

We sell solutions that make payments and expense management easier. So in concrete terms, we offer services that allow you to pay company employees, give pocket money to your children, manage your expense reports, or even facilitate payments online or abroad. There are a multitude of possible uses that we can answer.

Who is this for?

This is for entrepreneurs, businesses regardless of their size, industry or status, and who do not have the resources to set up payment solutions. This also applies to associations, public sector organizations and individuals.

So basically you are a bank?

Well no ! We are not a bank. And that’s the point. We have all the advantages, but not the disadvantages. We are much more flexible and agile, which allows us to offer innovative and efficient solutions in less time.

There are a lot of players in the market, how are you different?

By controlling the entire payment chain as we do, today we are a real specialist. Rare are those who have so many hats and who drive the entire ecosystem (Bin Sponsor, Processor, Office, platform ...). You only have one point of contact to launch an entire program. This allows us to offer tailor-made programs to our clients and let them focus on their own business.

Where do you see E-Pay Space in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see us having evolved and diversified our offer. We are going to extend our solutions by becoming a processor ourselves, then an issuer, and why not become a new generation bank. We will provide our solutions in Europe and the rest of the world. We really have the vocation to respond to the digitization of the economy, to carry out financial innovation, where everything goes faster, where everything is easier. But for that, we all need to be efficient and secure while streamlining the customer journey regardless of the medium used. In 2 words, we want to become THE REFERENCE of FINTECH.

If you had to define E-Pay Space in a few words, what would you say?

Instant, secure, flexible and personalized!

Thanks to Charles for his good humor and his availability!

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